Despite the advancement of technology and the wider adoption of RPO and Managed Staffing Programmes, many companies still manage their recruitment operations via a preferred supplier list or on a contingent basis. With most companies, the ongoing management of suppliers brings issues such as unauthorised placements, duplication, increased costs or lack of compliance.

STR Group helps to address these issues through our Optimisation service. We offer our service to companies who have a dependence on recruitment suppliers but want to regain control and mitigate non-compliance within their supply chain. Optimisation can deliver all the benefits that arise from an enhanced process, rate standardisation, consistent and compliant terms, and greater supplier engagement.

A comprehensive supplier model (PSL, Tiered) with full SLAs is then established with all suppliers engaged under compliant terms. The new supply chain will be ‘fit for purpose’ and have the capability to deliver the current and forecasted requirements. In addition, the STR Group Solutions team will provide ongoing supplier identification, engagement and performance management as required.

Tailored to your business, it considers the current status quo and areas for improvement. STR Group can also implement a ‘fit for purpose’ solution delivering standardisation, compliance, time and cost savings.

STR Group consults with key stakeholders to produce an agreed brief. This brief typically involves:

  • Review of current recruitment suppliers, spend and terms
  • Identification of non-approved suppliers (leakage)
  • Gap analysis of supplier base
  • Recommendation on model, new terms and SLAs
  • Formalisation and release of supplier RFI
  • Supplier telephone discussions and onsite meetings
  • Final negotiations
  • Compliant agreements
  • Internal communication of new model
  • Supplier launch

This fully managed solution enables you to focus on moving your business forward. Contact us today, or browse our Staffing Solutions.


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