Managed Service Provision (MSP)

Managed Service Provision (MSP)

Within many companies, the procurement of contract workers is decentralised or maybe even ‘hidden’. This can often lead to poor visibility, unauthorised hiring, variable compliance and increasing costs. These challenges and many more, can be addressed through a managed service provision.

There are several benefits from engaging a Managed Service Provision (MSP):

  • Dedicated accountable team
  • Visibility and control over the contractor workforce, activity and spend
  • Greater contractor quality and retention
  • Standardisation and enhancement of processes and compliance
  • ‘Fit for purpose’ agency supply chain
  • Reduced HR and Line Manager time
  • Process efficiency delivering reduced time to hire
  • Controlled and reduced cost of hire
  • Online timesheet and consolidated invoicing
  • A scalable solution that aligns with your needs

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