Discovery (Recruitment Process Audit)

Employment in the UK is at its highest rate for a decade leading to intense competition between companies to procure and retain the best permanent talent and contractor workforce.

Many companies still engage in recruitment on a contingency basis, retaining in-house the burden of time, risk and cost associated with running their own recruitment activities and suppliers. In some cases, this can result in unclear levels of recruitment activity, increasing numbers of suppliers, or a ‘hidden workforce’ of contract staff.

The STR Group Discovery (Recruitment Process Audit) solution provides a recruitment due diligence exercise, bringing visibility of your current processes, activity and spend. Tailored to your business, it considers strategic, commercial and operational challenges, highlighting areas for efficiency and cost savings.

STR Group consults with key stakeholders to produce an agreed brief and will typically cover:

  • Current recruitment process
  • Differing processes by recruitment type and office location
  • Level of activity and financial spend
  • Internal & external hiring issues and challenges
  • Direct hire capability
  • Recruitment agency supply chain
  • Use of or need for technology
  • Strategic and operational challenges
  • Commercial challenges

We will deliver a comprehensive report, detailing findings and observations, considerations and recommendations for improvement. This report brings visibility of the current recruitment status and information on which strategic recruitment decisions can be undertaken. In addition, the STR Group Solutions team can design and execute solutions to action any strategic recruitment changes you decide to undertake.

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