On-site recruitment coordinator

As companies grow, many face a situation where the scale of permanent recruitment activity or size of their contractor workforce becomes very time intensive. Our onsite recruitment solutions address this challenge.

Our team can handle proactive sourcing as well as all non-value adding transactional activities. This allows HR and Managers to return their focus to core day-to-day activities.


As each of our client’s needs is different, the scope of an onsite position differs. Clients requiring an end-to-end implant solution will typically receive the following services;

  • Ongoing or project specific solution
  • Dedicated account team
  • Advertising and supply chain management
  • Candidate screening and matching
  • Interviews, onboarding and induction
  • Process and technology management
  • Timesheet and invoicing
  • Activity reporting

Why choose an On-site Recruitment Coordinator solution?

  • Ongoing or project specific solution
  • Seamless integration into your business
  • Visibility and control over all recruitment activity
  • Enhanced recruitment processes and compliance
  • Improved candidate experience
  • Reduced HR and Management time
  • Process efficiency delivers reduced time to hire
  • Controlled and reduced cost per hire
  • A scalable solution that aligns with business need

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